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Student Participation
Schools and Native youth groups from throughout Prince William Sound are invited to send students to attend Peksulineq. Additional schools or groups may be invited if space is available. If your school or group is interested in participating please send an e-mail to atotemoff@tatitlek.com.

Students must be adequately chaperoned. The chaperones attending Peksulineq will be responsible for making sure their students are attending all classes and events on time, working with the Tatitlek Community School to support student behavior goals, and assisting with meals and scheduled events.

Instructor Participation
Volunteer instructors are chosen by the Peksulineq planning committee, which includes students, Tatitlek Community School teachers and community organizers. Although many classes are created using long-time instructors, some years we have openings. If you are interested in teaching a traditional Alutiiq or Sugcestun art, language or subsistence class, please send an email to atotemoff@tatitlek.com. Please include a brief description of your skills, your experience in teaching classes and a description of the type of class you would like to teach. Instructors will be teaching 5-6 hour-long class periods of approximately 10 students each for five days.

Volunteer Participation
Help from volunteers is gratefully accepted! Peksulineq is seeking volunteers to assist with food preparation, with conducting fun and healthy after-school activities for the youth, and with fundraising. Please send an email to atotemoff@tatitlek.com if you would like to help. Note: due to the popularity of this event and limited housing space, priority may be given to volunteers who have been able to secure housing with relatives or friends in the Village of Tatitlek.